Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our First Book

I have decided to kick things off by choosing my favorite book (so far) of the year...maybe even my favorite in the last 5 years. The book is PRECIOUS BANE by Mary Webb. It may be hard to find in your local book store, so look to Amazon.com or the library. It may take a little extra effort to find, but it is well worth it. Of course, I think this is one you will want to purchase for your home library, but you can always read it for FREE ONLINE

Although it took me awhile to adjust to the language (written in a very old English), I began to love Prue and her vivid descriptions of life around her. Gladys Mary Coles, President of the Mary Webb Society, says:

"Precious bane, first published in July 1924, was Mary Webb's fifth and last completed novel in a literary career cut short by her death at forty-six. One of the outstandingly successful novels of the century, Precious bane is remarkable above all for its style--rich, ardent, lucid, irreducible in its spiritual quality. Undoubtedly it belongs to the English romantic tradition, and it is now regarded as a classic of the genre of the rural novel: yet, like all great art, it transcends categories."

I have to agree that it transcends categories. It is an experience.

For reference, a 'hare lip' is a split in the upper lip, producing an appearance similar to that of the upper lip of a hare or rabbit. This was considered a mark of the devil or some other evil at the time Prue Sarn lived.

Feel free to comment as you read, I am anxious to know how you like it. I will be reading it a second time along with you!

Happy Reading!

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