Wednesday, August 27, 2008

and now?

What are we reading now, girls?? I'm so excited to know! :)


Mary said...
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Mary said...

Thanks for the prod Shell, I apologize to you and to everyone else. It's my turn to choose a book and I am slacking! I haven't quite finished Odd Mom Out yet but I am very close (I started late because I was distracted by a certain vampire series that shall remain nameless).
For a few weeks I actually had my book choice all planned out. However, today I read online that there is a movie coming out based on that particular book that will have an "R" rating for some pretty unsavory thematic elements- probably not what we would want to read about.
So. . . I'm back to square one, but I promise I will choose something high quality and hopefully worth everyone's time. My goal is to have the book chosen by tomorrow. Don't worry!

Heather said...

Go Mary, Go Mary!

Emilee said...

Can't wait to find out what book Mary chooses.