Thursday, October 16, 2008

Non fiction, anyone?

I'm taking two classes with intense reading loads (over 20 books between the 2 of them) and I'm kind of sick of fiction for the moment. I'd like to know if, since it's my choice next, you'd be interested in non-fiction. It's fine if you're not, be honest for heaven's sake, but there's a book my brother says changed his life that I'd love to read with you girls. How's that for a hook? :)

Tell me what you think: are we strictly fiction or not?


Mary said...

Shell, you know I certainly don't discriminate against non-fiction, bring it on! I definitely am intrigued by any book that someone claims changed their life. I'm excited to find out what it is!

Catherine said...

I enjoy non fiction also just never know what to read and I am very intrigued also!!!

Emilee said...

I don't mind a change. I would love to read a book that inspires. Thanks.