Thursday, November 5, 2009

Questions I ponder while reading this book:

  1. Conor is capable of seeing the true motives and reasonings behind others' actions. What does Conor's character teach us about judgments?
  2. How are Christianity and the kind of spirituality Sorcha's family practices similar?
  3. Sorcha's people are so close to the forest ... the trees, plants, and animals. What does respecting nature mean to you? Does nature bring you closer to God?
  4. Why are the traditions of the fathers so capable of fostering resentment and hatred? Who - if any of them - are right? Are they all wrong?
  5. Would you allow your sibling to make Sorcha's sacrifice for you? Does it change the way you view the Atonement?
  6. Marillier paints her characters' personalities exceptionally well, I think. Which character do you relate with most in the story and why?
  7. Doesn't it just kill you that Sorcha can't talk?? What would you most yearn to say if you were unable to speak? Do you think it would change the way you thought or listened when you knew you couldn't respond?
  8. What makes the dependable characters dependable? Is that kind of character possible now? Do you know others who are so trustworthy?
  9. What are the dangers in judging an entire race (or gender) solely by our experiences? Do we miss out on opportunities that way?
  10. What does this book make you think about?

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Catherine said...

I am so excited to read this book. Wish my library would hurry up and get it in. Just waiting on the reserve list!!!