Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Wants A Powerful People by Sheri Dew

I choose to read this book for the my choice church book. I am going to be brave and be the first to post hoping others will follow so I will get a list of church books to read :)

I really enjoyed this book. I like Sheri Dew's writing style. It is very practical and for me it grabs me and I want to keep reading. This book discussed how we can be a more powerful people (the title fits perfectly). She basically goes back to the basics of being a member and describes how they make us powerful. For example studying our scriptures daily provides us with knowledge which is turn provides us power.

I enjoyed this book because it reconfirmed how the basics are important. It was nice to read as the new year began so I could rededicate myself one more time to be just a little bit better everyday!

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