Thursday, July 22, 2010

August's Pick-- for real this time

Thanks, ladies, for bearing with me. :) I originally chose "Left To Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza, which came highly recommended by a good friend. But as I read it (in two days), I realized it was too similar to what I'd chosen last time. Last time I picked a book about faith, love, courage and forgiveness during the Jewish Holocaust. "Left To Tell" is a book about faith, love, courage and forgiveness during the Rawandan Holocaust of 1994. I swear my literary interests do extend beyond holocausts. :) It was a great book, don't get me wrong; I give it 4 of 5 stars and highly recommend it. Although I will warn you that it is gruesome in parts. How could a first-hand account of the Rawandan Holocaust in which the author lost 2/3 of her family not be gruesome? But it's gruesome in an "innocent people were cruelly murdered" kind of way, not a "the author is delighting in crude, gory details to get a rise out of the desensitized audience" kind of way. Anyway, because I do have other interests, I decided to pick a new book and encourage you to read "Left To Tell" on your own. It truly is a remarkable story and you may want a tissue or two. :)

On to my real pick for the month----- "A Room With A View".
"This Edwardian social comedy explores love and prim propriety among an eccentric cast of characters assembled in an Italian pensione and in a corner of Surrey, England. A charming young English woman, Lucy Honeychurch, faints into the arms of a fellow Britisher when she witnesses a murder in a Florentine piazza. Attracted to this man, George Emerson—who is entirely unsuitable and whose father just may be a Socialist—Lucy is soon at war with the snobbery of her class and her own conflicting desires. Back in England she is courted by a more acceptable, if stifling, suitor, and soon realizes she must make a startling decision that will decide the course of her future: she is forced to choose between convention and passion." (

I've never read it before but I keep hearing lots of great things about it. I hope you all enjoy!

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