Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was like 90 billionth on the waiting list at the library for this book, so I "borrowed" it from Barnes and Noble. Is that kind of, criminal? I really want you to tell me what you think. I returned it in pristine condition ... but my mom thinks I'm going to you know where for it. Yikes! I told her, "But people buy sweaters and things all the time, go home, put them on, and decide they don't like them, so they return them. What's the difference? I decided I don't want to own the book after all." Justification glorification. I'd be interested to know what you think about this.

Moving on to my thoughts for the book I went to such lengths to read. :) I don't know what the fuss about the book was all about. Yes it was a cute little story, but there are lots of cute stories out there. It wasn't particularly well-written, the weird glowing people idea was a little out there in crazy field - next to the people who can see sparkling cake particles in the air - and it was too short to give me any kind of satisfaction. I didn't hate it or anything, other than the fact that my husband looked at my book right when I was ambushed by that yucky part in the middle somewhere and I blushed for shame as I turned the page as fast as I could. :) But it kept me entertained for a few hours of a road trip, and that's a good thing.

Although, it made me cry at one point, and do you know what part did it? Not the grief over a dead mother, not the loneliness and persecution of a new town, not the giant dryer-checking grandfather ... but the father whose daughter didn't know his love for her was quiet. My heck, I bawled over that.

And the author's jumping viewpoints from character to character actually was a fun ride. I enjoyed the overlapping stories and the simple understated style.

Okay, I guess I liked it more than I'd thought. Three stars from me

And don't forget to tell me if you think I'm a criminal. :)

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Jaclyn said...

I'm still 27th in line for this one... sigh... Now I'm two books behind. :( But I already have my book for August, so I'm back on the wagon again!

As for Shelli's question, I "borrowed" a book from B&N once and felt really guilty the whole time I was returning it, like the customer service guy was going to find out what I'd done. I just didn't feel right about it. sorry.... :)